THE 2015 RAP UP (TIL BLACK LIVES MATTER I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE RIGHT REMIX) feat. Mark Ronson, Mystikal, Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd

by Guido Corleone

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January 1st 2015 - December 31st, 2015
2015... Rest in Peace.
Thanks for the memories, lessons and wisdom.

Love ya,




Lemmie tell you bout some things that's hard to believe
Like how we just blew through the year two thousand fifteen
Paris Attacks that made the whole scream
Still nobody really saw Beirut in their Facebook feed
But we got a little light with Bernie Sanders on the scene
Feel the Bern Trump crazy racist idiocy
Star Wars 7 The Force awakening
Never thought would die at the end (of the movie)
Pacquiao/Mayweather fight of the century
Not much of a fight, no one knew about Pac's injury
Killers breaking out of Prison in Upstate New York
One got shot dead other got shot and floored
Kendrick (Lamar) dropped a classic To Pimp a Butterfly
Kinda like the year of the gun the way the bullets kept flying
From Charleston to Lafyayette to Nashville and Waco
To Oregon to Colorado to San Bernardino
Shooting, shooting shooting when it all gonna end
Maybe when the last killer cop got a whole in his head
Black Lives Matter now more than ever before
Wouldn't know it how cops still dropping bodies to the floor
Cuba opened up for us to visit their shores
Yeah the Pope hit the States but went to Cuba before
Volkswagen Emissions lies and pollution that poured
Water on Mars and now we talking flying there more


We all a bunch of hypocrites in 2015
Black Lives Matter
But Cops Still killing Blacks in the Streets
But we don't care as much as when we hear Muslims Shooting
Or shooting up a theater or College Community
Or Charleston the shooter saw white folks as supreme
Planned Parenthood or in that on-air news Shooting
Or Murder Trials for cats who may be taking falling
But maybe bout as much as dead Syrian refugees
We cared more when we heard Bobbi Kristina OD'd
The Thrill is Gone goodbye to BB and Ben E. King
Stand By Me but not too close villain Christopher Lee
Underground Legends Pumpkinhead and Sean P
Live Long and Prosper Leonard Nimoy's Spock
Tamir Rice but we let go those Cleveland Cops
We all watched in horror as Walter Scott (ran and) was shot
At least we seen the first murder case called for a cop
We took the streets in Baltimore when they killed Freddie Grey
They didn't pay, Sandra Bland she died in jail

(And Sandra Bland was arrested for what and died in jail_)

And when earth shook in Nepal all we could do was pray
Not to mention Pakistan and India's Heat Waves
Floods in Africa, Burma, India, (Bangladesh) and Chile
And what about those Africans shot in Kenya/Nigeria
Just as many as Paris but we don't give a fuck
Scary love to Wes Craven and Omar Sharif
And yesterday I heard about the death of Lemmy
Shouts out to great activists, pilots and athletes
Like Ernie Banks and the Airmen of Tuskeegee
Amelia Boynton Robinson She Marched with Martin
And the first African American Aviator Frank Petersen
And shouts to Allen Toussaint and Ornette Colemen
Yogi Berra - It Ain't Over till it's Over
Sam Simon Thanks for The Simpsons
They killed Moe Greene
And Scott Weiland I'm half the man I used to Be RIP
And can't forget the great John Trudell
We Human Beings who see the power of our intel
igence - And rest in Power to my dear friend
and Grandfather Wa'anatan - Harry Charger
Great loss for the People but we living the ways
And Black Lives Matter so we can all break from the cage
So everyone I mentioned and those I didn't see
I want to send my love and strength God Willing Rest in Peace

Part 3

Legalized Weed Alaska and DC
Email Scandal came back to Hilary
Cali's Worst Draught in History
Freddie Gray Mistrial Cops Still Free
Bruce Became Caitlin
And that Amtrak hopped the railing
We saw beautiful pics taken of Pluto Outer Spacin'
Keystone Pipeline Erasin'
Massive Gas Leak outside of LA
Been going on for months just found out yesterday
Animas River turned orange from toxic waste
Gay Marriage legal in 52 states
Jimmy Carter got cancer - and beat it
Birdman won best picture in theaters
But shout out to boyhood and Linklater
And Whiplash Drums Crashing
Germanwings flight crash in the French Alps
Ebola is over the media pushed it out
El Chapo escaped from his Prison Cell
Iran nuclear deal stops the sanction swell
Massive explosion in China,
Greece gets a third bailout
Still the system here's failing loud
Hurricane Patricia Hits Mexico Hard
Russian plane crashes kills on all board
Pac Man turned 35
Solar Road Tech straight coming alive
The Internet of Things getting real big
Help The Refugees cause Syria's still a mess
They went to Europe open up all the borders
Presidential race a state of disorder
David Letterman and Jon Stewart said goodbye
So Peace Out to 2 - 0 - 1 - 5

For the health happiness and the healing of Mother Earth
And the People over Profit yeah they got to come first


released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


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